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World Masters Athletics Race Walking Championships 2022

Muscat, Oman 4th March

Ian Torode won the M65 10km Gold Medal with his 73.03

Ian Torode 2022 01 Ian Torode 2022 02

Ian Torode with his World Masters Gold Medal 


bmaf logo 2020

2022 BMAF Winter Throws Champs. at Lee Valley 5-6 March

Karen Jones 2022 BMAF Throws 

Karen Jones with her 2 Gold Medals for winning the W60 HT & WT 



2022 EMAA Inter Area Indoor T&F Challenge

Lee Valley Athletics Centre, North London on Sunday 13th March

Inter Area Indoors Ian Allen M50-59 60m 2022 

Ian Allen in the M50-59 60m


Inter Area Indoors Ian Allen M5059 LJ 2022 2of2

Ian Allen in the M50-59 Long Jump


Inter Area Indoors Stephen Blackford M60-69 HJ 2022

Stephen Blackford in the M60-69 High Jump 


Inter Area Indoors Trudi Carter W50-59 PV 2022

Trudi Carter in the W50-59 Pole Vault


Inter Area Indoors SWVAC Banner 2022

Dave Pearson & Phil York with the SWVAC Banner




Logo SWVets logo March 2017

2022 SWVAC Cross Country Champs

Sidford 06/02/22


Click here to see some great photos from Kit Woodcock

SWVAC 2022 XC Start photo2

and they're off .....


SWVAC 2022 XC Female Winner  SWVAC 2022 XC Male Winner

Joanne Gallagher & Oli White (2022 XC Female & Male Winners)


Click here to see the photo montage of the race (if you want a copy of any of them please contact Des White)



2022xc04 2022xc03




SWVAC2022XC10 SWVAC2022xc11

 SWVAC2022XC12 SWVAC2022XC13

Great running everyone





 The 2021 EAMA Inter Area Outdoor T&F Challenge

 Nuneaton Sunday July 18th 

Inter area Outdoors 2021 relayteam

SWVAC M50-59 Relay Team - Joth Pigott, Jerry Kevern, Paul Guest & Trevor Downward


Inter Area Outdoors 2021 Anne Dockery 100m

Anne Dockery 


Inter Area Outdoors 2021 Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter


Inter Area Outdoors 2021 Trevor Downward 200m


Trevor Downward


Inter Area Outdoors 2021 SWVAC banner

The famous SWVAC Banner 






2020 EAMA Inter Area T&F Challenge 

Sunday 1st March at Lee Valley, London

Indoor M60 69 1500m 2020

Kevin Archer leading the M60-69 1500m

(if anyone has any other photos from the event please send them to Des White)





2020 SWVAC Cross Country Champs. 

Sunday 26th January at Sidford, Devon 


The Men's & Women's winners (Eddie O'Gorman & Hannah Bown)


Kit Woodcock took some great photos on the day

(Many thanks Kit)

Click here to see more of them on his website




2019 EAMA Inter Area Outdoor T & F Challenge

Saturday 6th July at Coventry

SWVAC Inter Area Outdoors 2019 relay photo

4 x 100m relay team - Janet Dickinson, Cara Marsh, Lisa Carpenter, Tracey Bosworth

Click here to see the results 

Click here to read the report of the event




2019 EAMA Inter Area Track & Field Challenge

Sunday 24th February at Lee Valley, North London

The SWVAC team excelled with 20 podium placings including 5 victories & placed 6th in the team competition

Click here to see the SWVAC athletes results

More photos are available to view on Tom Philips website


EAMA Indoors01 

SWVAC W35 relay team

Janet Dickinson, Lisa Carpenter, Henrietta Anstey & Cara Marsh


2019 EAMA Indoors02

Ray Lewis & Ian Torode guarding the South West Vets AC banner



2019 SWVAC Cross Country Championships

Sunday 27th January at Sidford, Devon

Click here to see the SWVAC Championship race results

Click here to see the overall race results 

Click here to see the results on Power of 10

(photos care of Des White)

2019 XC 01

 The start of the 2019 SWVAC Cross Country Champs. 


2019 XC 04

The leading four men after 1 lap


2019 XC 05

Hannah Bown - the winner of the Ladies race


IMG 4777 1 IMG 4778 IMG 4781

IMG 4783 IMG 4784 IMG 4785 1

IMG 4786 IMG 4788 IMG 4789

IMG 4790 IMG 4791 IMG 4793

IMG 4794 IMG 4795 IMG 4796

IMG 4798 IMG 4800 IMG 4801

 IMG 4802x IMG 4803x IMG 4804x

IMG 4806x IMG 4807x IMG 4809x

IMG 4810x IMG 4811x IMG 4812x

IMG 4813x IMG 4814x IMG 4816x

IMG 4817x IMG 4818x IMG 4819x

IMG 4820x IMG 4821x IMG 4822x

IMG 4824x IMG 4825x  

Some extra "action" photos


2019 SWVAC Cross Country Championships

Sunday 27th January at Sidford, Devon

Additional Photos - care of Chris Woodcock

(click here to see Chris Woodcock's website at www.runcw.org.uk)

2019 xc 06

2019 xc 072019 xc 082019 xc 09

2019 xc 102019 xc 11 2019 xc 13

2019 xc 142019 xc 15 2019 xc 16

2019 xc 172019 xc 182019 xc 19

Great running everyone!




SWVAC at the EAMA 2018 Inter Area Cross Country Challenge 

in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 29th September

(photos care of Alison & Des White)


 Nine of the SWVAC team "basking" in the sunshine after the races


IMG 3558

 Start of the 6km race (Women & the "older" men)



Jacqueline Rockliffe



Karen Rushton



Veryan Cranston



Alison White



John Shapland



Malcolm Reynard



Bill Valentine



 Start of the 8km race (the "younger" men)



Colin Snook




Andy Morgan-Lee



 Tony Wright



Paul Whear



Paul Johnson



 Des White


BMAF & SWVAC 1/2 Marathon - Redhill Areodrome 

Sunday 22nd July 2018

(photos care of Alison White & Steve Oliver)

Click here to see the results


The start at Redhill Areodrome

 2018HM01 2018HM03 2018HM04

Peter Bunyan, Terry Brown & David Hopkinson


Des White


SWVAC's "Winchester & District AC Team" with their BMAF & SWVAC medals



EAMA T&F Inter Area Challenge, Solihull - Sunday 8th July 2018

(photos care of Des White, Nick Holliday & George Routledge)

Click here to see the results

Click here to see some photos from the event care of George Routledge of NEMAAIMG 3052 

IMG 3101

IMG 3092

IMG 3096

IMG E3051

IMG E3050

nick and des july 2018

SWVAC EAMA 2018 02

SWVAC EAMA 2018 03

SWVAC EAMA 2018 04

SWVAC EAMA 2018 05

SWVAC EAMA 2018 06

SWVAC EAMA 2018 08

SWVAC EAMA 2018 10

SWVAC EAMA 2018 19

SWVAC EAMA 2018 22

SWVAC EAMA 2018 20

SWVAC EAMA 2018 23

SWVAC EAMA 2018 24

SWVAC EAMA 2018 30

SWVAC EAMA 2018 32

SWVAC EAMA 2018 33

SWVAC EAMA 2018 37

SWVAC EAMA 2018 41

Some great action photos !


Gosport Golden Mile - Sunday 17th June 2018

(photo care of Tracey Bosworth) 

SWVAC Tracey Bosworth 2018 Mile

Tracey Bosworth 1st in W50-54 age group with 7:34 PB 


2018 SWVAC Track & Field Championships

Exeter - 17th June

(photos care of Des White) 

TandF2018 05


TandF2018 06

TandF2018 07

TandF2018 08

TandF2018 09

TandF2018 10

TandF2018 11

TandF2018 12

TandF2018 13

TandF2018 14

TandF2018 15

TandF2018 16

TandF2018 17

TandF2018 18

TandF2018 19

TandF2018 01

TandF2018 02

tandf2018 03

A few action photos from Sunday 17th June at Exeter



2018 European Masters Athletics non-Stadia Championships

Alicante 18th - 20th May

EMACNS alicante 2018

(photos care of Sean Price & Diane Bradley) 

IMG 2480 EMACNS2018 01

Fiona Price, Karen Rushton and Susan McDonald with their Silver W50 1/2 Marathon Team Medals 


IMG 2259 EMACNS2018 02

Fiona Price and Clare Wood enjoying the post race celebrations


IMG E2093 EMACNS2018 04

Alison White on the 1st lap of the 10km

(just before withdrawing with a hamstring injury)

IMG E2790 EMACNS2018 05

Des White at 7 miles in the 1/2 Marathon running with Mick Casey


BMAF 2018 Road Relays - Sutton Park 28th April

Exmouth Harriers - M75 Silver Medalists

(photo care of Mike Keep)

Exmouth Harriers 2018 M75 team

Exmouth Harriers M75 team

including SWVAC Members Ray Elston, Mick Allen, Mike Keep & Les Turner


BMAF 2018 10 Mile Champs. - Rhyl 24th February

(photos care of Peter Kennedy)

Click here to see the race results

BMAF10Mile Championships Rhyl 20180224 03

Martin Colwill with his Silver BMAF M50 Medal

BMAF10Mile Championships Rhyl 20180224 04

Peter Young with his Silver BMAF M70 Medal

BMAF10Mile Championships Rhyl 20180224 05

Tony Berry with his Silver BMAF M80 Medal

BMAF10Mile Championships Rhyl 20180224 02

Alison White with her Silver BMAF W60 Medal

BMAF10Mile Championships Rhyl 20180224 01

 SWVAC (Peter Bunyan, Tony Berry, Alison and Des White)

presented with the 2017 EAMA Cross Country Inter-Area Challenge Trophy



SWVAC 2018 XC Champs. - Sidford Sun. 28th January

(photos care of Chris Woodcock) 

Click here to see the race results

IMG 1955

IMG 1956

IMG 1957

IMG 1958

IMG 1959

IMG 1960

IMG 1961

IMG 1962

IMG 1963

IMG 1964

IMG 1965


IMG 1966

IMG 1967

IMG 1968


IMG 1969

IMG 1971

IMG 2203

IMG 2204

IMG 2205

IMG 2206

IMG 1989

IMG 1988

IMG 1987

Great photos as usual from Chris Woodcock - thanks Chris!



EAMA XC Inter Area Challenge - Bournemouth Sat. 25th November

(photos below are from Kit Woodcock & Malcolm Renyard) 

Click here to view more photos from Kit Woodcock's website 

2017 xc challenge start

 2017 EAMA XC02

The start at Kings Park

2017 EAMA XC03

 Matt Hibberd, Aaron Brown & Jon Hamblen

swvac xc 2017 99

Paul Drake and David Wilkinson

2017 EAMA XC04

 Des White, Sarah Urwin-Mann & Steve Lang

EAMA XC 2017 900

Brian James, Peter Giles & Don Powell

EAMA XC 2017 906

Franklyn Young, Ken Ham, Kevin Wheeler, Kath Bailey & Peter Hamilton

EAMA XC 2017 905

Samantha Parkinson & Joy Wright

EAMA XC 2017 903

Sarah Unwin-Mann & Kay Noyce 


Malcolm Renyard & Carey Gray

EAMA XC 2017 902

Joy Radford & Alison White

EAMA XC 2017 901

Kenny McCormick & Dawn Teed


Marilyn Blair


Steve Lang


Belinda Tull and Phil Harding


Malcolm Renyard and Belinda Tull


Peter Hamilton & Rosey Mushens


Paola King


David Wilcox


Tony Berry


Sarah Urwin-Mann


Ian Snow

2017 EAMA XC05

Aaron Brown - first to cross the finish line

EAMA XC 2017 907

Maria Kowal - first women to cross the line

swvac winners 251117

 Some of the winning SWVAC team with their certificates

(Peter Hamilton, Malcolm Renyard, Marilyn Blair, Steve Lang, Alison White & Ray Elston)


Photos from the 2017 EAMA XC Challenge are available from Charles Whitton Photography - examples below

click here to see and select / order the photos on their website

4462-CW 005

4462-CW 014

4462-CW 119

4462-CW 124

4462-CW 247

4462-CW 262

4462-CW 280

4462-CW 294



Cardiff 1/2 Marathon Sunday 1st October 2017

(Photo from Jean Thomas)

jean thomas2017

Jean Thomas completing her 1st ever 1/2 Marathon in Cardiff in 2 hours 35 minutes 36 seconds 


BMAF 2017 1/2 Marathon at Northampton 3rd September

(Photo from Peter Kennedy)

BMAFhm Alison white 2017

Alison White being presented with her BMAF W60 Gold Medal from Peter Kennedy


Devon Open Series at Braunton 13th August 2017

(Photo from Laura Coleman)

royhuxtable m80 discus record 2017

Roy Huxtable setting a SWVAC M80 Discus club record of 17.65m


Ed Shillabeer at The 2017 Virgin London Marathon

(Photo from Ed Shillabeer)

EdSh VLM 2017

Ed raised £688.82 for the Countryside Alliance Foundation in the 2017 VLM


2017 SWVAC 1/2 Marathon at Sturminster Newton on Sunday 6th August

(Photos from Kevin Doherty)

PeterB 2017 HMKevinD 2017 HM

Peter Bunyan and Kevin Doherty


2017 SWVAC Track & Field Champs. at Exeter on Sunday 18 June

(Photos by Des White)



Meeting organiser Owen Cleave in action in the 100m



Emma Stepto                                                   Bill Valentine



Louise Jeffries                                                          Matthew Muggeridge


SWVAC2017 101SWVAC2017 102

Paola King



Nigel Haywood, Iain Walker, Franklyn Young & Steve Grant



Dave Eveleigh                                                   Paul Whear & Tony Wright



Ken Ham                                                              Tony Berry



Felicity Russell                                                                            Jane Horder



 Ian Willoughby                                                       Nick Daniels, Richard Scott, Paul Whear



Richard Bruce & Rupert Broomby



Peter Mountain, Allan Herdman, Tony Wright, Matthew Robinson, David Wilkinson & Simon Anderson



Pat Gallagher, Louise Jeffries & Ray Lewis



Bob Chapman                                                                    Ian Snow



Val Bovell                                                                              Cynthia Fisher



Dorothy Fraser                                                              Andy Turner



 Pete Jackson                                                                   Stephen Dobson



 Colin Hague                                                                 Clare Taylor



Mark Vallier, Stephen Jarvis, Shaun Sinden, Martyn Morant, Matthew Muggeridge & Chris O'Connell



 Paul Guest, David Flicos & Neil Tunstall



Ian Willoughby, Roderick Davies, Phil Bell, Jon Clarke, Ian Page & Iain Walker



 Phil Rees, Owen Cleave, Derek Mardles, Steve Waddington & Michael Dugan


Angela Sonn, Rosey Mushens, Clare Frank, Karen Gear, Lisa Carpenter & Melanie Garland



Caroline Powell



Dorothy Fraser, Daphne Marler & Val Bovell



Nigel Haywood, Ray Summerfield, Jonathan Goodland, Marilyn Blair, Gordon Seward & Matthew Robinson



Marilyn Blair                                                            Gordon Seward




 Nigel Haywood                                                                               Ray Summerfield



Mark & Anya Turner



Angela Sonn & Rosey Mushens


Start of the 1500m



Action from the 1500m



Timothy White, Dave Wilkinson, Allan Herdman & Matthew Robinson 



Kevin Archer



Les Turner & Owen Cleave



 Joanne Willoughby                                               Peter Mountain



Melanie Garland                                                           Joanne Willoughby






2017 SWVAC Cross Country Champs. at Sidford on Sunday 29 January

(photos by Des White & Chris Woodcock)

The results are available on the Results page

bill at start

The pre-race briefing from Bill




swvac xc 100 

swvac 500 

swvac 523

 swvac xc 002swvac xc 003swvac xc 004

swvac xc 005swvac xc 006swvac xc 007 

swvac 506swvac 505

swvac xc 099

They're off!

swvac xc 008

swvac xc 101swvac xc 102 

swvac xc 009swvac xc 010swvac xc 011swvac xc 012

swvac xc 013swvac xc 014swvac xc 015

swvac xc 103swvac xc 104swvac xc 105

swvac xc 016

Pushing on in the early laps

swvac xc 017swvac xc 018swvac xc 019

 swvac 513swvac 514

swvac xc 020swvac xc 021swvac xc 022 

swvac 515

 swvac xc 023swvac xc 024swvac xc 025

The 1st three to finish - Stephen Goss, Matthew Robinson and Ben Stone

swvac 530swvac 517 swvac xc 026 

swvac 516 swvac 518  swvac 507 

swvac xc 027swvac xc 028swvac xc 029

Then the heavens opened up!

swvac xc 030swvac xc 031swvac 508 

swvac xc 032 swvac xc 035swvac xc 098

The first 3 ladies to finish - Marilyn Blair, Rosey Mushens and Eleanor Wood

swvac xc 033swvac xc 034 swvac 509

swvac 531 swvac 522swvac xc 036swvac 32

swvac 535swvac xc 037swvac xc 038swvac xc 039

swvac xc 040 swvac 511swvac xc 041  

swvac 501swvac 502 

swvac xc 042swvac xc 043

swvac 510 swvac 503

swvac xc 044swvac xc 045 


Phew ...... that was tough!