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2022 BMAF Indoor T&F Champs. at Lee Valley 5th & 6th March

Click here for a copy of the full results

21 SWVAC athletes competed in the BMAF Indoor T&F Champs. at Lee Valley, North London over the weekend of 5th / 6th 

(see the individual performances below)


Rosemary Hutton                HT W70  2nd 22.02

                                               WT W70  2nd 7.06

Karen Jones                          HT W60 1st 33.52

                                              WT W60 1st 13.58

Jean Fail                           60mH W70 1st 12.95

Henrietta Anstey             60mH W45 3rd 12.26

                                               60m W45 8th 9.76

                                           200m W45 8th 22.95

Anna Hughes-Davies 1500m W40 2nd 4.59.90

Joy Wright                    400m W45 2nd 1.04.37

Lisa Carpenter              400m W50 4th 1.11.67


Robert Broadbridge        DT M60 4th 40.21

                                        SP M60 2nd 11.88

                                        WT M60 1st 16.54

                                         HT M60 1st 40.98

Peter Daw                         SP M75 3rd 8.11

                                         JT M75  1st 27.80

                                         DT M75 3rd 23.40

Aaron Sloan                    DT M50 3rd 31.11

                                        JT M50 2nd 34.18

                                         SP M50 5th 10.91

Stephen Dobson             SP M60 5th 10.91

Stephen McCauley         SP M45 1st 14.33

Darren Thomas                TJ M45 1st 12.11

Mark Roach                      HJ M55 3rd 1.40

Kevin Archer           800m M65 1st 2.39.33

Ian Wright               800m M65 3rd 2.57.18

                                 400m M65 1st 1.19.92

Simon Anderson   1500m M55 1st 4.43.70

Anthony Roper      1500m M55 6th 4.58.49

Phillip York              800m M55 6th 2.35.20

Peter Hamilton      1500m M70 4th 6.44.01

                                 800m M70 4th 3.19.36

Trevor Downward         60m M65 7th 9.76

                                    200m M65 5th 32.52