Congratulations to the 15 SWVAC runners who ran for the England Masters Half Marathon Team in the 2019 England v Celtic Nations Competition within the Maidenhead Half Marathon on Sunday 1st September.

We had four age category winners (Emma Stepto, Tony Wright, Tony Dunn and David Cartwright).

Hannah Bown 10th W40 in 1.33.51
Emma Stepto 1st W45 in 1.20.58
Sarah Urwin-Mann 3rd W45 in 1.26.39
Lynne Whitaker 2nd W60 in 1.40.02
Susan Hill 3rd W60 in 1.43.07
Alison White 9th W60 in 1.53.20

Tony Wright 1st M50 in 1.16.24
Tony Dunn 1st M55 in 1.18.18
Adrian Cornford 8th M60 in 1.32.40
Allan Herdman 4th M65 in 1.31.37
Des White 8th M65 in 1.38.26
David Cartwright 1st M70 in 1.31.44
Graham Newton 4th M70 in 1.38.36
Bob Small 8th M70 in 1.47.19
Michael Keep 8th M75 in 2.17.11

Also 2 other SWVAC runners competed :-
Steve Oliver (Scotland) 12th M55 in 1.28.30
Tony Berry finished in 2.11.50

Click here to see the full results

Great results from everyone - well done.